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Flash Tables v-1.1

Flash Tables offers fully interactive Times Table flashcards with the added convenience of always having them with you on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Available on the iPhone App Store.

Flashcards are commonly used as a learning aid to help memorization by repetition, and with Flash Tables it's even more fun with full support for gestures. The next card or answer is only ever a swipe away.

Start by interacting with the flash cards. It is easy to focus on individual tables, and flashcards can be viewed in ordered sequence or randomly. The answer can be revealed with a simple flick of the finger, allowing the child to gain knowledge and confidence.

Flash Tables also provides a list of Times Tables to enable individual learning by chanting or repeating. Perfect for slightly older or more experienced children who want to self teach, and can also be used as a great source of reference. Click here to view a Video Demonstration (You Tube).

Testing is fully configurable to allow you to choose which tables you are tested on. The number of questions can be limited, allowing quick fire 10 question tests, up to tests that contain all permutations from 0x0 to 12x12. Full feedback is given, and a total screen is displayed once the test is complete.

The Times Tables test is also playable in a timed format. This is intended for more experienced children and is helpful for increasing both speed and accuracy. It's tough! . Click here to view a Video Demonstration (You Tube).

Flashcards from 0x0 to 12x12*
Times Tables from 0x0 to 12x12*
Times Tables test from 0x0 to 12x12*
Timed Times Tables test from 0x0 to 12x12*
Gesture based interface
* all of these options are configurable and allow any combination of tables, tests can also be limited to 10,20,30 or All.

Flash Tables will take your child from Times Tables zero to Times Tables hero and they will amaze their friends and teachers with their performance.